A Bounce House vs. a Bounce House with a Slide: Which One Wins?

It's a question we find ourselves answering a great deal here at Pogo Bounce House. Do you desire a traditional, typical bounce house? Or would you rather have a bounce house with a slide? Is a combination bounce house better or more enjoyable than a " normal" one?

At face value, this deceptively appears like a no-brainer. Certainly the combination bounce house is better, right? I mean, you're getting a bounce house with a slide built right into it. Exactly how can a normal bounce house compete with that?

If fun factor is the only measure of quality you're considering, then of course, a bounce house with a slide attached is going to win ... most of the time. But as we'll discuss shortly, this eventually comes down to who it is doing the bouncing. And fun factor really shouldn't be the only quality we're considering, either.

Let's See if a Combo Bounce House with a Slide is Right for You

Before we invest in a combo bounce house with a slide, we ought to be asking a couple of very crucial queries:

  • What's my budget for this blow up I'm getting?

  • Just how much space do I have for setting up my new bounce house or combo bounce house?

  • Who is my " target market" here; who primarily will be utilizing this bouncer the most frequently? And can it support the people only using it occasionally?

The budget part is rather easy to figure out. Combination bounce house units are generally more pricey than traditional bounce houses without slides. They're bigger, after all. However that added dimension brings us to our next big concern: space.

As a general rule, a bounce house with a slide is always going to gobble up a lot more physical space than a regular bounce house will. They often tend to be taller, too. You'll want to ensure the location you're setting up in is large enough to fit your new combination bounce house.

Here's one more vital question that requires answering: who is utilizing this bounce house or combo bounce house? Younger kids will generally prefer a combo bouncer over a standard one, but preteens and teens are much less likely to take interest in the slide. Most of the older crowd would choose a typical bounce house, and if they want to get some sliding in, they could get even more out of a bigger standalone inflatable slide.

You'll want to make certain the inflatable can sustain the weight of whoever is utilizing it, and that there's enough overhead clearance for them to bounce safely. And never let smaller children and larger children jump at the same time, either.

A Bouncer With a Slide, or Without One?

Once you've weighed out those variables-- price, space, and users-- the selection ought to be pretty clear. A bounce house is going to function far better for some individuals, while a combination bounce house will be better for others. It's not actually as straightforward as one being more or less fun than the other, since different groups will see these inflatables differently.

If you're searching for a commercial bounce house available for sale that will function great for rentals, we highly suggest combination bounce house systems. A bounce house with slide leasing will generally create even more earnings than a standard bounce house.

If you're not in the rental business, however, your interest in a combination bounce house will most likely come down to those elements we discussed earlier. If you're setting up a bounce house in your backyard, or organizing fundraisers or church functions, or overseeing a youth group, those variables are going to matter to you a great deal more than basic rental earnings.

At the end of the day, if your budget and your yard can fit a combination bounce house, and your kids are young enough to enjoy it for numerous years, that's most likely the way to go. If your kids are older, or your physical space or spending plan are in some way restricted, choose a standard bounce house instead.

Whichever unit you pick, we are going to find more info provide a great deal on a bounce house up for sale or a bounce house with a slide available for sale, with lots of options of both in our Vinyl Crossover â„¢ Inflatables collection. Give us a call today and we'll gladly help you identify the best bounce house or combo bounce house for your family or your organization!

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